Vaccine Medicine & Biological Products

Preventive veterinary medicine has gained significant importance in animal health in Turkey, especially in the 2000s, with products such as vaccines and rapid diagnostic test kits playing a crucial role.

Viral and bacterial vaccines such as Septicemia vaccines, BVD, and Foot-and-Mouth Disease vaccines have successfully prevented the spread of many diseases. However, the need for pharmaceuticals, especially for cattle, small ruminants, poultry, and aquaculture, continues in cases of diseases.

Types of Biological Products

Biological products are naturally sourced substances used to prevent or treat diseases. There are various types of biological products, including:

Viruses: Microorganisms that enter living cells, replicate, and can cause or be used in vaccines. Examples include the flu virus, measles virus, and coronavirus.

Therapeutic serums: Fluids containing antibodies that provide immunity against diseases or aid in treatment. Examples include tetanus serum, rabies serum, and snakebite antivenom.

Toxins: Toxic substances obtained from living or non-living sources that can harm the body. Examples include botulinum toxin, anthrax toxin, and lead toxin.

Antitoxins: Fluids containing antibodies effective against toxins. Examples include diphtheria antitoxin and tetanus antitoxin.

Vaccines: Products containing weakened or inactivated microorganisms or their parts that provide immunity against diseases. Examples include polio vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, and COVID-19 vaccine.

Blood: A fluid containing red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets that perform transport and defense functions in the body. Some diseases can be treated with blood transfusion or blood products, such as anemia, hemophilia, and leukemia.

Allergenic products: Substances that induce allergic reactions in the body or are used for allergy testing. Examples include pollen, dust mites, and pet dander.

Proteins: Large molecules composed of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body. Some proteins function as hormones, enzymes, or antibodies and are used as biological products. Examples include insulin, interferon, and TNF group drugs.

The advantages of biological products include their natural sourcing, compatibility with the body, and effectiveness.

In 2016, Coşkunfırat obtained a pharmacy depot license and took on the role of domestic sales representation for important brands in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, including ALKE, NETFARMA, and ARMA. The company supplied products to over 500 veterinary clinics and animal hospitals nationwide. Coşkunfırat currently holds the domestic sales rights for Netfarma Pharmaceutical Industry.