Chemical Products

The term “chemical products” encompasses a broad range and refers to the chemicals used in various industries, including food, cosmetics, general hygiene products, raw materials in the production of various products, and chemicals used in post-production processes.

Coşkunfırat specializes in supplying chemicals for animal health to its stakeholders and provides chemical product supply for various industrial sectors as mentioned.

Chemical products used in animal health are substances aimed at protecting animals from diseases, improving their nutrition, and enhancing their productivity.

Among these products, vaccines, antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, drugs, and feed additives can be mentioned. To use chemical products in animal health effectively and safely, certain rules should be followed. These rules include:

  • Paying attention to the source, quality, and expiration date of chemical products.
  • Providing appropriate conditions for the storage, transportation, and application of chemical products.
  • The dosage, duration, and frequency of chemical products should be determined by a veterinarian, and recommendations should be followed.
  • Side effects, allergic reactions, and drug interactions of chemical products should be considered, and if necessary, a veterinarian should be consulted.
  • After the application of chemical products to animals, their meat, milk, and eggs should not be consumed or sold for the expected period.

Chemical product supply in the industrial sector is an important service that many industries rely on. Chemical products are used in areas such as paint, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, textiles, and cleaning.

In the industrial sector, chemical products are substances used in various industries that make our lives easier. Chemical products are produced and consumed in areas such as cleaning materials, cosmetics, paint, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and rubber.

The production and use of chemical products can have positive or negative effects on the environment and human health. Therefore, it is important to develop, produce, and consume chemical products sustainably.

The chemical products sector contributes to Turkey’s economy. The chemical industry in Turkey has been in operation since 1880 and hosts many international companies.

In Turkey, the chemical products sector is working to comply with the sustainability standards required by the global market.