Biocidal & Industrial Hygiene Products

Environmental Health involves the control of harmful rodents, vectors, insects, mites, and arthropods that affect both human and plant health.

Biocidal products are substances used to eliminate, repel, or render harmless harmful organisms.

Biocidal products play a significant role in human, animal, and environmental health. However, incorrect or excessive use of biocidal products can pose certain risks. Therefore, the marketing and use of biocidal products should be carried out in accordance with the procedures and principles set by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency.

Industrial hygiene products are a subset of biocidal products. Industrial hygiene products are used by individuals in industrial environments who are involved in the production, handling, and/or packaging of active substances or biocidal products, such as wood preservative users in wood coating production or food producers using disinfectants.

Industrial hygiene products are important for occupational health and safety. However, it is also crucial to use industrial hygiene products correctly and safely.

In the field of Environmental Health, chemical products such as rodenticides, larvicides, vector control products, acaricides, etc., are used.

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