Animal Health Products

Animal Health Products encompass a wide range of products that have limited use in human health but are widely utilized in animal health. These products include:

  • Sterile syringes
  • Automatic injectors
  • Reusable, autoclavable syringes
  • Diagnostic and diagnostic products suitable for use by veterinarians, such as stethoscopes
  • Artificial insemination equipment
  • Embryo transfer equipment
  • Animal care products
  • Farm equipment

Animal Health Products consist of drugs, vaccines, vitamins, and other substances used for the prevention, treatment, and enhancement of animal productivity.

These products are essential for both domestic and farm animals, contributing to human health and food safety.

Animal health products are developed through scientific research and development efforts and are brought to the market in compliance with quality standards. They are prescribed or recommended by veterinarians.

Coşkunfırat has been a distributor and dealer for various brands, including Hasvet, Dedeks®, Sayberk, Hauptner, Kruuse, Kerbl, Hauptner, Minitube, and Henke, since its establishment.